Make Morristown Home

If you’re looking for a new place to put down roots or to retire, here are the best reasons to Make Morristown Home.
  • NO State Income Tax
  • Booming Job Market
  • Low Utility and Property Tax Rates
  • Great Schools
  • Excellent Healthcare
  • Lots of Community Activities
  • It’s a Gig City
  • Close to Bristol, Knoxville, and the Great Smoky Mountains

Here’s Why These Folks Chose Morristown

World travelers and Peace Corps volunteers, Irene and Steve Lawrence have settled in Morristown and find it to be just what they were looking for. 

A trip to Peru lead business executive and native New Yorker, Steve and artist and California girl, Irene to decide to join the Peace Corps. From 2014-2016 they lived in the small town of Adelphi, Jamaica where they both worked in a school. Following their time in Jamaica, they decided to head to East Tennessee where Irene’s siblings had all relocated. Steve’s search for a specific insurance agency is what led them to Morristown. 

“We drove into Morristown and that was it. If we hadn’t lived in rural Jamaica, I couldn’t have imagined living here,” Steve said. “It’s relaxing,” said Irene. “It’s a good community with great shopping, good restaurants, a wonderful arts community, and friendly people. It’s a relaxed community and it’s not pretentious.” 

That small-town charm, warmth and sense of community is what enticed these world travelers to make Morristown their retirement home where they are very involved in multiple community organizations. 

Steve and Irene Lawrence

We chose Morristown because it fit all our must have criteria and so many more delightful extras that we have discovered in the past two years. The kindness and connectivity of the people. The options for downtown loft living or sizeable farm property and everything in between. Our ability to visit the lakes in a few minutes, run in the many parks and have a vibrant community welcome us so warmly has been amazing. My husband and I have found a new church home in which to worship and further participate in the community. A variety of organizations have embraced us and encouraged us to invest our time and energy in Morristown where we see so many great things happening all around! Morristown is not where we were raised, but it is most definitely our hometown.

Carter and LA Orio